About The MummySquared Team

MummySquared are a crack mother and daughter team (or should that be Granny and Mother team?) of witterers, blethering their nonsense about motherhood, life, nappies and other general stuff for your amusement and enjoyment and to help you kill 5 minutes in your working day.

The Mummatron then, is a 31 year old SAHM of 1, little CK who is an adorable little angel. When she is asleep. Which isn't often enough for Mummatron's liking. Married to the big hairy man, Mummatron is a retired English teacher who decided to begin blogging as a means to mental stimulation, brain sex, if you will. She is very much enjoying the whole experience and is happy to gabble on for hours, imparting her senseless brand of 'wisdom' and sharing the golden (Mc)nuggets of her days.

Granny Bloggings is a something-year old SAHGranny, mother of 1, grandmother of 1 and is a professional wife and mother having retired from the world of work (outside of the home - all of us SAHers know that S-ingAH is much more work!) back in the late 70's. She spends her time knitting, patchworking, baking and caring for her cats. Oh no, hang on, that is some other granny. This granny is more up for reading, lunching out, shopping for the perfect pair of boots and doing the occasional spot of (fairweather) babysitting.

And of course, Little CK is an integral member of the team. While she is not yet too proficient at typing (c'mon, give her a chance, she was only born in March) she does provide us with plenty of inspiration.

Together, we hope we can at least offer some moments of diversion in your day. It would be lovely to hear from you, so please add a comment wherever you feel like it and let us know what you think.

Mwah mwah,

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