Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I have just remembered a fat-related incident:

Years ago I went along to a ‘weight loss class’.

Thirty fat women huddled in a small village hall. A tall slim dyed blonde, big haired, instructress swept in. She stood before us and asked how many of us felt we had gained our weight by having children? Thirty chubby hands waved enthusiastically in the air. Then she asked, “how many of you have children under the age of five?” No hands were raised, not a one. Her gimlet eyes swept across the mounds of lard in front of her …. “and you still blame your children?” she sneered.

And, no dear reader, it didn’t work. Yes I lost weight whilst terrified of the weekly weight-in in front of her sneeryness but as soon as I had reached my correct weight and escaped her scary presence I was so relieved I had to have a mars bar ……… you know the rest!

Granny Bloggins

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