Thursday, 9 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas - Day 1 for me, Day 9 for everyone else!

So I was perusing the blogosphere this afternoon and spotted a Christmas challenge on Cafe Bebe''s blog - The Countdown to Christmas. I know I am a little late with starting this but I like the idea of a post a day for all of advent. So brace yourselves for a torrent of festive baby blogging!

Here goes for today.

I saw some of my baby friends this morning and one of the yummy mummies was reminiscing nostalgically for 'this time last year' when she was enjoying the beginning of her last trimester and reveling in the last days of freedom.

It was a useful conversation for me as I have recently been wallowing in baby boredom (check out week 19's post !) and it made me think about how much better life is for me in December 2010 than it was in December 2009...

This is what I got for Christmas last year; swollen ankles, fingers, toes, everything; intravenous Gaviscon; a gimpy hand (otherwise known as carpal tunnel syndrome); a bad back; bleeding gums; cramps in my legs; and tempero mandibular joint dysfunction (and inability to close my mouth - no, really!).

This year I get a lovely little 9 month old baby and none of the above! Life suddenly seems so much better when you count your blessings (and all the symptoms you no longer have). Roll on Christmas.


  1. Hope this Christmas takes away the bad memories of last Christmas! I was very ill on Xmas and Boxing Day last year and really don't think I enjoyed it much...

    PS welcome to the challenge the more the merrier x


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