Sunday, 26 December 2010

Things I learned this Christmas

Now that I have had time to thaw (yes, the snow is melting) and stuff myself (far too much), I feel that I can share with you the things I have learned during this, Babies First Christmas:

1. No, she is not more interested in the wrapping paper and the boxes, especially when there are the flexes of four dozen strings of sparkly lights to chew.
2. Turkey dinner mashes up marvelously to make a yummy baby mush.
3. Turkey dinner is no fun when it is processed and passed out the other end.
4. Baby will make it through the day, and indeed the whole holiday season, without any items branded with 'Babies First Christmas'.
5. Mummy and Granny however, will feel the need to buy everything branded with the above slogan.
6. What used to be an adequate sufficiency of pre-dinner drinks is now an absolute skinful.
7. Much mulled wine = merriment. Much mulled wine + childcare = afternoon hangovers.
8. Baubles are really fun until baby throws them on the ground and they smash into smithereens causing an extra housework chore.
9. The big pile of DVDs under the tree will remain unwatched until baby learns how to go down at night without a battle, and how to nap for longer than a half hour. Or until she is a teenager and would rather go out with her friends.
10. Babies do not respect Carols From King's. Why ever not?

Roll on next year!

Radio silence now until the New Year, so have a good one and spare a thought for those of us who will be home, praying that the baby sleeps through. Maybe that will be her New Year's Resolution?!


  1. Even three year olds do not respect carols from Kings, sadly. Or any kind of carols. I guess it's my own fault for teaching her how to operate the iPod...

    I hope you get the gift of an undisturbed night soon.

  2. Someone sent me the following clip, and it made me think of you lot. It's a song about loving Christmas without loving the religion behind it, despising rampant consumerism, having family based in warmer climes - and there's even an infant daughter gets a mention.

    Tim Minchin - 'White Wine in the Sun'

    I hope the rest of your year will be filled with mulled wine and naps in moderation and with good feelings all the way.

  3. Yep, that sounds like the typical family-with-little-ones Christmas. I remember lots of those.

  4. Heck I don't think 7 year sold respect carols from Kings! However i-pods are bliss esp when listening to carols from kings as you drift off to sleep...even if it is only for a little while!


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