Thursday, 23 December 2010

Festive Flicks

The other night I found myself watching Bridget Jones’ Diary. For the fifteen millionth time. And I realised it is supposed to be a Christmas film (reindeer jumpers and the odd snow dependant joke) and it made me start thinking about my favourite films for watching at Christmas. I challenged Granny Bloggings to come up with our top 5’s as I thought it might give you all a little inspiration to step outside of the Bridget Jones box…

So my 5 for Christmas viewing are (prepare yourselves - they are a bit random because Old Granny Bloggings chose first and she got pretty much all 5 that I was going to pick!):

Love Actually – Can I have that with a side order of cheese please? Yes, yes, I know, if I was cool this would not be in there. But I am not. And I like a bit of Hugh Grant dancing around to Girls Aloud. How can something so wrong feel so right?

– What was I saying about cheese? I think you’ve got to have at least one fairy tale at Christmas time and this one surprised me with how fun it is, for kids and adults. Watch it, if only for Robert De Niro as you have never seen him before.

Some Like It Hot - Right, so, first of all, I cheated. This has no nod to Christmas at all but it is the movie that I could watch every year without fail. It is a perfect film for all ages, I’ve loved it since I was about 12 and still do now that I am aged. And it’s a proper feel good flick. And it has some snow in it.

Planes Trains and Automobiles – Alright, so this choice is a cheat too – this one is Thanksgiving… BUT… it is a total ‘holidays’ (as our friends across the pond would say) movie. Candy and Martin are comedy geniuses (what is the plural?) and this film can only enhance your festive season.

Die Hard – Yes, it is set at Christmas. Ha! Any excuse for a bit of Bruce. Not only is he running barefoot, wearing only a ripped sweaty vest, fending off a horde of heinous terrorists, he still has time to be funny. Brilliant. OK so maybe not your family feelgood movie, but once the kiddies are in bed, it is the perfect way to kill a couple of hours of the pre-present excitement.

OK, here are Granny Bloggings top five favourite festive films:

The Bishops’ Wife – the David Niven original for me but the more recent version with Denzel Washington for yum yum appeal.
It’s a Wonderful Life – Granddad and I watch this every year and know it word perfect by now.
Scrooged – Bill Murray at his best
National Lampoons’ Christmas Vacation – possibly the silliest film ever but I love it and it has a very slight yum yum factor if Chevy Chase is your kettle of fish.
White Christmas which is almost interchangeable with Holiday Inn – yeah, I cheated and got an extra one in, tee hee.


  1. Not actually a Christmas film (not actually a film), but on NYE German television always broadcasts the wonderful Freddie Frinton's "Dinner for One". It's on youtube [] and will only take up 10 minutes of your time. Go on, treat yourself...

    Merry Christmas, especially to first-timer Little CK, Mummatron, Granny B and all who sail with you!

  2. Ha Debby - that is weird - Bri has mentioned that to me too. It is on every year in South Africa too at this time of year. Will have a look and do a review for you!


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