Saturday, 18 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas Day 18 (1 week today!): Dear snow and snow...

I am channelling the spirit of Kat over at 3 Bed Bungalow so I thought I would present you all with my thoughts in a 'Dear So and So' today. Here goes...

Dear Snow,

I am going to have to be blunt about this but will you please f*** off? You are very very pretty and I know my South African followers will think I am just being a tad churlish, but seriously, I have had enough for one year.

Not only do you wreak havoc with my social life, causing me to miss festive celebrations, but you also force me to be stranded at home with a 9 month old child, whose energy is far too great to be cooped up. Back in January when I was still preggers and working, it was great to have you here - I had a good reason to miss a whole week of my last month at work which was wonderful. I give you that. But now that I am a 'lady what lunches' I am no longer laughing.

It is only 10 in the a.m. but I am already thinking about how the hell I am going to keep that little spider monkey entertained for the rest of the day if we are housebound. Yes, we can unpack the contents of the kitchen cupboards and examine each item in detail (always good for a half hour or so), and yes, mummy can put babies tights on her head and dance around (that will keep us entertained for around 14 minutes), but after that, I am stumped. Being stuck at home with sickness was bad enough... but now we are well, being housebound again feels a bit like torture.

And there is one other problem with you, my slushy friend, and that is that you wreak havoc with my telly watching. It is not that interesting (BBC take note) to see 7 different correspondents in 7 different parts of the UK reporting that, yep, it's snowing there too. Yawn.

So if you would, snow, consider this a polite notice and go and bother someone else, someone more prepared, maybe the Norwegians?

Thanks in advance
Mummysquared and a bored little Monkey
Dear So and So...


  1. Play 'It's snowing indoors too'. It can be achieved with lots of flour, baking powder, sugar and talcum powder and is a fun game.

  2. Brilliant post, very entertaining. It is a pain in the arse isn't it. The country has come to a standstill. But on the other hand, if the powers that be could run a piss up in a brewery, in other words, if they could actually cope with the weather conditions and stop the country from grinding to halt, then the snow wouldn't be that bad. Well, okay, for a day or so anyway.

    CJ xx

  3. I was a bit envious of all the snow, (only a bit mind you!) and in theory a white Christmas sounds nice but I can't believe the chaos it is causing. I understand the torture of being stuck at home - I've got no car at the momemt :(

  4. I find it absolutely crazy that this little amount of snow can cause such mass chaos in this country. My friend is now stuck in the states because her flight has been canceled until Christmas Eve!

  5. It's nuts isn't it? Basically, am trapped inside checking weather reports in the vain hope that we can get down to Granny Bloggings house for Christmas - keep you fingers crossed for us!

  6. Dear Mummysquared

    I am awfully sorry about the inconvenience we have caused. Normal service will be resumed shortly. In the meantime, please keep yourself and your spider monkey warm and please accept tickets to our next downfall as compensation.

    We will be outside your window, floating, spinning and sparkling our way down to earth. It took us a long time to get here and well falling out of a cloud is pretty scary. Sorry about that.

    Yours icily
    The Snowflakes

    P.S The Alexander Residence is totally stir crazy too and we don't even have snow, just poorly ones. Hope you get to Granny's house and thanks for my poem :)

  7. Thanks snow - and if you could assure me that you will be gracing the pistes of which ever resort e next go to for a skiing holiday (when CK is about 12!) I would be most grateful.

    Happy Xmas!


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