Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Seven Things...

There is a big old party happening out there in the Blogosphere today. A mixer, of sorts. But without the pressure of getting dressed up, and without actually having to have a real conversation. Weird eh? The idea is this - one blogger lists their '7 things you never knew you wanted to know about me' and then nominates other bloggers to follow suit. They (those cool little media pups in the know) call it a meme. And, thank you, Ghost Writer Mummy, for inviting me to this party. So here we go...

But I thought I'd add a wee twist. As this is Mummysquared, I'm going to bring me old dame (Granny Bloggins will love that new title) to the party too. Some of the 7 below are me, and some are 'er. See if you can work out which is which and put your answers on a post card - or on the comment board below!

1. On the morning of my 16th Birthday I lit up a fag at the breakfast table, kind of because I could, but mostly to annoy my parents.
2. When I was 17 I got a tattoo, kind of because I could, but mostly to annoy my parents.
3. I have a scar from when I stabbed myself trying to peel the cellophane from a cucumber - see, eating your 5 a day is a very dangerous pursuit.
4. I used to drive a classic Beetle.
5. I rocked out at the Isle of Wight festival when I was 19
6. I have a number of unusual crushes, including Nialls Crane (Frasier's wimpy brother), Martin Sheen, and Phil Jupitus
7. I sing whilst doing my weekly shop. Loudly. It keeps my spirits up and keeps other shoppers at bay - "Beware the loon!"

OK... so that's it. See if you can figure out which is me and which is she... And then check out some other peoples lists. In this big game of blogger tag, I am slapping the following on the back:

Manana Mama (sorry I can't do the twiddly bit above manana) - because she writes so beautifully
Tattie weasle - because I wanted to write Tattie Weasle and because she makes me laugh
Tiddlyompompom - just because... As Marks and spencer would say.

Ready? Go!

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